I just completed a memoir entitled, “Life AFTER the Down Low,” which chronicles my personal journey.  The excitement over the books forthcoming arrival has been completely overwhelming as has been the responsibility that comes along with running the business behind the book.  Reality is; writing was the easy part. Real Love- Are You Settling? All […]

It can be easy to get caught up in the stress of every day life, even in the summer. Maybe your family is driving you crazy or your work is strenuous, even during the warm months. It can be hard to anticipate a vacation when you still have so much on your plate, even if […]

We are too often in our heads or running around like crazy and worrying about the future. We are missing out on the connection that is most important to our sustained energy and our physical well-being. To be grounded with your connection to God, you must feel your feet resting on the earth and receiving […]

Worrying can be a resourceful habit if you are trying to recruit high blood pressure, a migraine, or waste meaningless hours of your life.

It is true that being a Christian does not exempt nor exclude us from the challenges of society. We live in the world and the issues, flaws, and crisis caused by the world system does affect us. The present economic crisis is having a profound effect upon churches and Christians alike. Many of us are still attending church every week but doing so with the reality of layoffs and foreclosures facing us. Each week another member of my church whom has either been laid off or whose time has been decreased confronts me. These are facts and as believers we face them as well. Couple this with the decaying moral condition of our country and the challenge of being Christian is even more intense.