It’s the little things that make you smile right?  As we’re gearing up for the summer and all that it brings, many of us are fitting in more exercising the best way we can. 5 Natural Jet Lag Remedies Why not try walking?  The simple movement of our left and right feet can reduce the […]

Fitness Guru Donna Richardson Joyner has been motivating millions of people to get healthy and lose weight for over 20 years.  She passionately tells exercise-challenged people to Stop making excuses to exercise and just do it! Make it a priority. This January, USA Today launched their annual Weight Loss Challenge with Richardson Joyner giving simple […]

Comedian and Daytime talk show co-host Sherri Shepherd recently featured fitness guru and Tae-Bo guy Billy Blanks on The View.  The bride-to-be is preparing for her upcoming nuptials later this year.  Blanks stopped by and showed Sherri a few moves from his new fitness DVD, PT 24/7. Click here to see segment at 31:00 mark […]

This workout thing is serious.  Staying motivated is key. Whether its your outfit or favorite music in your ipod, the shoes can be the focal item on determining how your workout will elev8 you. Instead of asking your friend or an innocent bystander at your local fitness store what athletic shoe is best, here’s five […]

Summertime is approaching and time to swap out our winter clothes for fun summer gear.  Having toned sexy arms to showcase your favorite summer tops and dresses are idea!  Wanna know how? Check out Hollywood Trainer Jeanette Jenkins top 3 exercises achieve this!

Hip Hop star Lil Cease took control and transformed his life and body and want you to do the same.  In his new video, “Hardbody Fitness”, the Brooklyn native shows you how to turn your flab into hard muscle you’d be proud of.

Fitness Expert Jeanette Jenkins is ready and willing to help get your body ready for the summer.  Donned the “The Hollywood Trainer”, she has whipped celebrities such as Queen Latifah, Kelly Rowland and NFL player Terrell Owens  into shape. 

People tend to think you need a lot of time, money and a fancy gym to exercise. This is not always true! Here are five basic exercises that can be done from your office, home or where ever you are! 1) Walking – If you have stairs in your home, go up and down them […]

Nelly is a platinum selling artist who’s given us chart topping hits for many years.  We’ve sang along and also danced in the clubs and in front of our television screens  to our favorites tunes from the St. Louis native.  Throughout his career, Nelly’s physical presentation has been stellar. 

I have been working out consistently for over a year now.