Elev8.com broke  news that Vanessa Long filed for divorce from the Bishop Eddie Long on December 1, 2011. After news of the divorce was revealed, Long’s spokesperson Art Franklin confirmed that the Bishop would be taking a break from New Birth. The Bishop confirmed the same. Vanessa would not comment to news at the time, […]

The divorce case between Georgia mega-church pastor Eddie Long and wife Vanessa Long has been closed and dismissed, according to the DeKalb County Online Judicial System. However, there remains a possibility the case could continue in the future. Read: Bishop Eddie Long Apologizes For “Kingship” According to the online judicial system record, there are three […]

New Birth has been through many changes over the years. Right now, you can see the wear and tear on the souls of members past and present. DMX Plays Wheelchair Basketball With Disabled Vets Dr. Wanda Turner is a well known minister from the Central Valley of California. She’s been a first lady and minister […]

Eddie Long might take his time off to think about his divorce to Vanessa Long in small careful steps. One of the first steps should be not issue statements for other people. What? Bishop Eddie Long Tells His Congregation To Give More! [VIDEO] It was provided by 11Alive.com. The letter bears the New Birth church […]

Eddie Long surprises us with his lack of humility. He is un-repentant and asks his congregation to give more and stay. Vanessa Long’s filings are crystal clear she is not staying. The grounds for divorce are that “the marriage is irretrievably broken, with no hope of reconciliation.” In addition, Bishop Eddie Long  announced he’s taking […]

Earlier this year, I reported that Bishop Eddie Long’s wife Vanessa had left him. Bishop Long denied this and issued a statement. Well, his First Lady of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church issued hers on Friday, December 2nd and said: After a great deal of deliberation and prayer, I have decided to terminate my marriage to Bishop Eddie […]

Divorce is not a laughing matter, but Vanessa Long‘s divorce from Bishop Eddie Long announcement, and the immediate change of heart makes this whole matter a little ridiculous. Here’s a cartoon showing the lighter side of the Bishop Eddie Long scandal… RELATED POSTS: Bishop Eddie Long’s Wife Officially Files For Divorce! Or Did She? [UPDATE] […]

Bishop Eddie Long has released a statement denying rumors of his wife, Vanessa Long’s  departure from his home and New Birth. “Recently, some blog entries have surfaced claiming to have anonymous sources stating that New Birth First Lady Elder Vanessa Long has moved out of the house. That claim is completely and absolutely false,” said […]

When it rains it pours, and the rumor on the net is that Vanessa Long has left Eddie Long. Apparently Vanessa left the house and took one of the children with her, after Eddie settled out of court. Sources are saying: Well-placed spies for The Mo’Kelly Report and long-time members of New Birth are alleging that […]