Billionaire businessman Richard Branson challenged President Obama to a water sport challenge while on vacation in the British Islands.

The devil doesn’t take any days off from trying to mess you up! Erica Campbell and GRIFF explain why that means it’s on you to tap into what God has given you to fight the adversary. When you are armed and ready with an undying faith in the Lord, the devil can’t do anything to […]

Vacation is easy to save for if you plan well. As you end to the end of the year, plans for 2012 start to take shape. Here are some fast-track ways to save for your big trip. 1. Start with a spending plan Decide upfront how much you’ll spend on your vacation. Get specific. Along […]


Just because you’re going away on vacation, doesn’t mean you have to leave your good exercise habits behind. Here are some great moves for your abs and glutes. These will help tone your midsection and tighten your backside from Exercise 1: Squats Stand in front of any chair, preferably one that does not roll. […]

Summer vacations may be right around the corner for you and, if so, its likely that the issue of how to use your credit card is on your mind. There is a range of ways for you to have a hassle-free credit card vacation but you must remain vigilant at all times and should follow […]

I know you have thought those same words. Ok, so maybe you have not said you needed a Sabbath but how about a vacation, a mental health day, a something away from the things that are currently going on Enjoy The Harvest Season In Your Life This has been a long, drawn out week.  I […]

We are nearing the season of vacations and visiting. I am always lost for words when I hear of people who are not good house guests.  Follow these steps and you’ll find your hosts won’t slap on their dancing shoes the minute you say good-bye. 1. Let your plans be known Tell your hosts when […]

The deaths the last few days of Nate Dogg and Elizabeth Taylor we are reminded of our mortality. Time is fleeting. If you haven’t had a chance to think about it yet here are 8 cities that you should see before you die. 8. London London is one of the most popular student destinations in […]