spiritual development

Patience is a need in our world and lives.Many of us struggle with patience. The worries of our lives and the need and demand for everything NOW wears  us thin. Patience is the practice  of working,waiting  and not worrying unnecessarily. It is living  with a sense of purpose. If we take just a moment to […]

Life is Good.  Whenever you get down and forget that, be encouraged that you are blessed and this too shall pass.  Renowned author and spiritual advisor, Iyanla Vanzant shares an uplifting message for serenity. Related Articles: The Many Writings of Iyanla Vanzant Wholeness Blessing: We Are Not Broken Minute Mediation- Prayer for Happiness

These three steps can help move you closer to your purpose in life: 1. Pay attention to your spirit within that inspires you.  Nurtue your inner child that you might have stiffled due to adult responabilites.  Remember what brings you joy. 2. Make a list of your god-given talents. Make a list of all the […]