Back in my single days, my friends and I would joke about the single life whenever we found ourselves in between relationships. It always seemed more challenging to connect with a potential mate when we didn’t have one. Whenever we were in a relationship is when we seemed to attract the most men. We often […]

Single hood needs to often be laughed at. This is one writer’s comedic approach to being single. Tracy McMillan is a TV writer whose credits include Mad Men and The United States of Tara. Her memoir I Love You and I’m Leaving You Anyway is now available in paperback from Harper Collins/It Books. She lives […]

A 36-year-old North Dakota woman who married herself in a commitment ceremony last March has now spoken about her self-marriage choice in an interview with Anderson Cooper. The marriage took place among friends and family who were encouraged to “blow kisses to the world” after she exchanged rings with her “inner groom”, My Fox Phoenix […]


Our friends over at loop 21 pointed this story out to us and is worth posting here because it presents an interesting point of view. Ever since I started my blog, Until I Get Married, in 2009, I’ve heard many stories from many women about why they’re single, the joys of being single, and the […]

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The data, out today from the National Center for Health Statistics, are based on 22,682 in-person interviews from 2006 to 2010 with men and women (not couples) ages 15 to 44. Among the 12,279 women studied, the percentage of never-marrieds rose to 38% from 33% in 1995. Read:Watch Tina & Her Husband Teddy Have The […]

More and more women in their late 30s and early 40s marry younger men. Out of 40,389 women aged between 35 and 44 who got married last year, 14,154 or 35 percent tied the knot with younger men. Increasing number of women no longer depend on a husband financially. More and more women are less […]

In every dating relationship, the time comes when we must examine the other person’s character, integrity, and personality in order to discern whether or not we want to spend the rest of our lives with them. During this examination, we sometimes easily spot things that send up what is often referred to as a “red […]

A single adult has to make a decision about living a life pleasing to God. The choice, while not necessarily easy, is simple. You do or you don't. Singles attending the Urban Singles weekend at LifeWay Ridgecrest Conference Center April 22-25 stood up and signified they chose to live lives pleasing to God.

Bernice King, the daughter of  slain civil rights leader Dr. Martin Luther King is no stranger to speaking her mind. She recently had an open discussion about the sexual behavior of  saved Christians. Praise 102 in Atlanta had a candid discussion with Bernice about being Saved and Sex. Click below and listen Related Articles Dr.King’s […]

So you’ve heard that one of the best places to find a nice guy or girl for you to spend the rest of your life with is in the church, huh?