self improvement

 That’s it. I quit. I’m moving on.- Sam Cooke Those words hold power. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a job. It can be relationship, friendship or bad habit that needs to be eliminated. It can be anything that you decide is no longer beneficial to you. That’s the best part about quitting and moving […]

Ending a relationship is a hard thing to do. There could be feelings of guilt, fear of emotionally hurting your partner, fear that your partner may take it the wrong way, or it could be that feeling of wondering if you did everything possible to save the relationship. Be honest — with yourself and your […]

How you start a day can change everything  and set the pace fir it. Here are 3 ways t get the best start ever. 1. Be grateful for something or someone. (A different one each day.) The act of writing down your gratitude can help establish this pattern. And once you start looking for things […]

We are  our own best spokesperson. Want to change how people perceive you? Start  here with the “Be Better Tip Of The Day.” They will appear  every first and  third  Tuesdays and Thursdays of the month. Make sure to check in. Every day, make the commitment not to Number 1: Check your phone while talking […]

Happy 2013! Now is the time for  a brand new start! Try these 3 steps  for a better you. Give yourself positive feedback Whether it’s a verbal pat on the back, or a smiley face sticker on a calendar (yes, even for adults!), it’s important to give ourselves credit for progress that we make. Re-Evaluate […]

Andrea Helm’s help this week is one that we all deal with from day to day. Here is what she wants us to realize: There are things worth fixin’.  Are you handy? When something breaks around my house my husband’s first inclination is to throw it away. My mother, on the other hand, wants to […]