Roman Catholic

Pope-mania has hit the United States of America. There are emoji’s , t-shirts and memes floating the internet.This is all proof that something different is happening with this pontiff.  Pope Francis is different from others who ascended to Papal authority. This morning people had the chance to witness how original he is. Here are a […]

Pope Francis has stirred up many questions from other denominations.These are the most popular misconceptions about Roman Catholics that people recite. #1- Misconception: Catholics worship Mary and are, therefore, committing idolatry In Catholic theology there are three types of prayer practices  – one of which is condemned in the Bible if offered to anyone but […]

Pope Francis told the couples at the two-hour ceremony that marriage was “not an easy road, it’s sometimes a contentious trip, but that’s life,”. The last time a pope performed a marriage was under the leadership of John Paul II in 2000, and before that in 1994. Very slowly, the church under the guidance of […]