In Faith Walking, Erica Campbell is inspired by her experience at the Stellar Awards.

In this edition of Mr. Griffin, GRIFF talks about the importance of people.

In the Ericaism, Erica Campbell talks about the importance of knowing who is around you and why.

In GRIFF’s prayer today, he asks for God to build a giant electric fence between him and any and all negative people, so they can’t get near him. He talks about his desire to be happy, and how negative people get in the way of him attaining that goal. Plus, when Erica Campbell questions whether he really intends […]

I know you have thought those same words. Ok, so maybe you have not said you needed a Sabbath but how about a vacation, a mental health day, a something away from the things that are currently going on Enjoy The Harvest Season In Your Life This has been a long, drawn out week.  I […]