New Birth

New Birth has been through many changes over the years. Right now, you can see the wear and tear on the souls of members past and present. DMX Plays Wheelchair Basketball With Disabled Vets Dr. Wanda Turner is a well known minister from the Central Valley of California. She’s been a first lady and minister […]

Bishop  Eddie Long’s investment partner Ephren Taylor Jr.,has been named in a lawsuit alongside  New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Ga. Ephrem Taylor is trying to set the record straight that neither he nor Bishop Long did anything wrong. Packing Playlist: California The North Carolina businessman who presented an investment scheme to New Birth’s […]

Eddie Long’s New Birth surveillance video of the burglary of the church office has hit the news all across the country.This video is what began the firestorm of charges. Two men were charged with the burglary. One would later sue the Bishop for sexual misconduct.   The Fox News  I-Team reporter Dale Russell has obtained the […]

Embattled mega-church pastor Eddie Long has requested the DeKalb County District Attorney Office to dismiss burglary charges against his former security guard. The former security guard was among three young men accused of stealing about $100,000-worth of jewelry and electronics from Long’s office inside New Birth Ministry near Atlanta in 2010. Why Has Bishop Eddie […]

Bishop Eddie Long has returned to full time ministry. Bishop Long’s worldwide impact emanates from New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in Lithonia, Georgia, where he is the senior pastor of more than 25,000 members. As most of us know here in the states there has been scandalous story after scandalous story. It appears that he […]