Mitchell Solarek

Maxx Recordings, a full service label founded and led by Maximum Artist Group’s Mitchell Solarek, introduced its first signing, buzz band 3for3, at a star-studded launch party in Nashville. The group is set to launch a single next month, as well as a tour this fall. Additionally, Solarek announced that the full-service entertainment group is partnering with Sony […]

Sparks fly when Mary Mary’s estranged manager shows up at Erica’s door. If you recall the last image we saw was on Mitch knocking n Erica’s house door. Ae they going to be able to move past everything? Here is your First look: Please make sure that you are following  @elev8official on twitter as we watch […]

Oh my how things have changed! Did Teddy cheat? Are GooGoo and Justin broke up? Is Mitchell fired? Has Erica and Tina pushed Mary Mary to its end? You heard the rumors now here is the truth!   WeTv’s Mary Mary is Back! Watch below: Make sure to read: Preacher Of L.A. Bishop Noel Explains Health […]

Mary Mary’s Tina and Erica Campbell, are facing legal action from Mitchell Solarek at Maximum Artist Group in a court in Tennessee over claims the manager secured the gospel singers deals amounting to $3 million, but was then fired and had commissions worth $75,000 withheld. He is seeking the full amount in damages, as well […]

Erica and Tina face the crossroads. As Tina  returns from maternity Erica, faces the fact that  things have changed for the sisters. The show opens where we left off. Tina has been sick. She enters into the theater and fins her set has been changed. The ladies see a video from  and get charged. They […]

Mary Mary  will wrap up Season 2 in  big way!  We have seen a whole lot! The ladies are constantly, criticized for their wardrobe and music. Many feel they are too sexy and that their delivery of God’s word is lost on their contemporary music. The ladies answer it all finally!  Watch the video below! […]

WE tv announced today that the women’s network has greenlit a third season of its popular docu-series, Mary Mary, just ahead of the season two finale airing tomorrow night, February 28 at 9 pm, ET/PT.   WE tv has ordered 10, one-hour episodes.  Production will begin in Los Angeles in mid-March.  Read:Mary Mary’s Erica & Tina: […]

Tina continues to push too hard despite Teddy’s concerns about her pregnancy, while Erica takes the first major steps to starting her solo career. The ladies sat down and were candid about what is happening. Watch the video below: [ooyala code=”cwYjEyODrSu1hlMkE5R7MSJVKVkk0ihv”] You just have to love how candid these girls are. Last week we saw […]