Everybody stresses. It’s just a fact of life. However, while a little stress can actually help keep you focused, too much of it doesn’t do your body any favors. In fact, multiple studies show that too much stress, over time, may actually lead to: Cancer Obesity Brain shrinkage Premature aging Depression Heart problems Arthritis Stroke […]

Changing your career can be stressful. Who better to know that than our Lord? His first job as Savior is at a wedding turning water into wine. Don’t we feel that way at our jobs sometimes?  We are turning water into wine. Well, here is a prayer to help you in your miracle turning today. […]

When we think "self-centered," unpleasant images often come to mind; but it becomes important in the context of self-actualization to distinguish SELF centered from EGO centered.

The Lord has endowed us all with some talent, and wishes us to express those gifts that He has given us for the good of all. Saying prayers for employment also affirm our understanding of own inner talents and abilities. Make sure to read : 8 Job Interview Tips To Put You Ahead Of The […]

Do you know the love which surpasses all else? A true lover holds nothing back but gives the best that can be offered, even everything in their possession for the beloved. God proved his love for us by giving us the best he had to offer – his only begotten Son who freely gave himself […]

We are too often in our heads or running around like crazy and worrying about the future. We are missing out on the connection that is most important to our sustained energy and our physical well-being. To be grounded with your connection to God, you must feel your feet resting on the earth and receiving […]

Having spirituality in your life is listed by the National Centenarian Awareness Project as one of the top reasons that more and more people are living to 100 years old and beyond.  Spiritual practices, including meditation, prayer and contemplation, are intended to develop an individual’s inner life. For some, spirituality is experienced as a source […]

Recently, I did a book review of Hip Hop Mogul Russell Simmons’ book Super Rich where he explains how Meditation provides him with profound mental moments of stillness as a byproduct of the physical benefits of Yoga.  It has cured him of headaches and has calmed his nerves. Meditation is a mental discipline by which […]

Our faith is a gift from a living and loving God who lavishly tries to reach us and does so with persistent fidelity. It is a celebration of a God of love who tries all kinds of ways to touch us.

Fidelity is the practical expression of love. Fidelity is a love that is supported by loyalty and courage. It is keeping your promises to God, family and country.

Thanksgiving 2010 holiday is officially over, however, we all need to be reminded to continue to always take time for thankful reflects by writing in our gratitude journal and sitting quietly in meditation.  Self-care during this season is extremely important so that we can give from the overflow of our own self-fulfillment. Enjoy Robin Downes’ […]

“Silence reveals itself in a thousand inexpressible forms, here are just 6 examples: 1. in the quiet of dawn, 2. in the noiseless aspiration of trees towards the sky, 3. in the stealthy descent of night, 4. in the silent changing of the seasons, 5. in the falling moonlight, trickling down into the night like […]