Mark Burnett

There is a hot topic bubbling in Hollywood. It is the topic of diversity. For many years there was little to no color. Although, Hollywood is a business, which is constantly in search of new ways to make a profit they must think differently to survive. The high-risk nature of the entertainment industry, combined with […]

“Unveiled” comes from power producing couple Mark Burnett and Roma Downey. The one-hour drama follows an ensemble of “flawed guardian angels” who attempt to restore faith and save the lives of those who find themselves facing crises. Burnett and Downey serve as exec producers, alongside John Sakmar (“Boston Public”) and Kerry Lenhart (“The Glades,” “Psych,” “Boston Public”), who […]

TV impresario Mark Burnett has brought you reality shows like Survivor, Shark Tank and The Voice but many viewers of those shows might not know…

Mark Burnett’ and Roma Downeys popular miniseries “The Bible,” which pulled in around 100 million U.S. viewers along its 10-episode stretch, is being recut into a movie. Speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, Burnett said, “We’re cutting a movie version right now, a three-hour version of Jesus and [we have] many, many offers from theaters globally.” […]

“The Bible”miniseries for the History Channel is building a very loud buzz. At the Variety summit this week , Mark  Burnett retold some of the stories that will be featured in the show. Scripture movies and miniseries  are usually low budget. This one is not! A Christian himself, Burnett’s passion for Scripture and talent in […]