The actress took on the job of presenting more options for women of color, and delivered.

Summertime is a great time to accentuate your natural beauty. But which products should you be using? Bronzer Summer beauty is all about obtaining a natural glow, and bronzer can help achieve it. To perfect a sun-kissed look, use either cream or powder bronzer and a brush: apply across your hairline, the hollows of your […]

Summer beauty doesn’t have to be a difficult thing to master. In fact, the right summer beauty tips can actually make you look healthy and gorgeous…in less time. Water, Water Everywhere Aside from a proper diet and consistent workouts, water is a beauty must that you cannot live without. Healthy beauty comes from within, so […]

The launch of the tween makeup and skin care line GeoGirl was a grand affair filled with product surrounding every corner of the loft, a stage, lunch tables and chalk boards filled with texting terms that tweens have adopted as their daily form of expression. But, what really stood out to me were the young […]

Here are some quick tips on how to wear eye shadow. Plenty of African-American women think they can’t rock bright colors, but we’re here to prove you wrong. If you have a heavy eyelid like Estelle, blue eyeshadow is just as seductive as black, without being too heavy and overpowering. Get the Look: LORAC Baked […]

The right brush doesn’t just make it easier to apply makeup; it can also allow you to be more precise. Here’s how to end up with a set that’s perfect for your needs. New York City makeup artist Troy Surratt guides us. Pick and choose. At minimum, you need four: a large powder brush, a […]

from I’ve cried over not having makeup. And I’ve been totally depressed over the fact that I haven’t bought a new pair of shoes in more than a year.