losing weight

Robert Ferguson, MS, CN is a nationally recognized author, certified nutritionist, fitness expert, entrepreneur, TV personality, motivational speaker, and CEO of Diet Free Life who currently…

Ok people, pipe it down, I know the title could be offensive, but ask yourself, is it true? 

Ask ten people what type of exercise they should be doing to burn fat and fire up their metabolism and they’ll all probably tell you the same thing. 

No matter your age, body type, or fitness level, we’re pretty sure one of your main workout goals is to improve your abs. A flat midsection, with or without a visible six-pack, is the ultimate symbol of being fit and lean.

Stomach fat which is also referred to as belly fat, visceral fat, pot belly, and so on, is the kind of fat that is found deeper in the body compared to subcutaneous fat, which is located just under the skin.