In this Erica-ism, Erica reminds us that God is always watching, even on social media, and even if nobody else is. Now, that may sound like a pretty basic and fundamental thing to remember, but it’s easier to forget than we tend to think. In the context of social media; nowadays people are sliding into […]

Most Americans celebrate Christmas each year on December 25th; a day that is supposed to be set aside to acknowledge the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  However, the majority of the people celebrating Christmas don’t believe in Jesus or the Christian faith. For them, Christmas is a celebration that they just “participate” […]

Imagine for a second that you got a phone call from a friend whom you love, but whom you hadn’t heard from in months or in years. You’d probably feel excited to hear from him and eager to know what has been going on in his life since you last spoke to each other. You’d […]