Getting a good night sleep is not always an easy feat.  There are a lot of factors involved that can prevent you from getting those oh-so-needed 8 hours, from your baby/husband/job/etc. they’re usually the ones to blame for your sleepless nights. Here, are some reasons they keep you up at night, and what you can […]

Well here we are; a new year has dawned upon us.

The homecoming services for Civil Rights Leader and Phenomenal Woman, Dr. Dorothy Irene Height was a great honor to watch. TV One was one of the outlets who lead the trail of broadcasting this monumental program which featured outstanding tributes from Dr. Camille Cosby, Former Secretary of Labor, Alexis Herman, Bebe Winans, Denyce Graves and President […]

Our most beautiful day is “today!” If we’re not careful we will miss today by being fooled about tomorrow. The good book says take no thought

Hope is a word that can be over used and yet not used enough. When I think of all the words I could say that represents what keeps a person