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I know you’re praying for a change/ To see a sunny day Nothing good has come your way for so long/ You need someone to understand this place your heart is in You just want to dream again and believe Listen: Inspirational Song Of The Day: Eric Bibb “I Heard The Angels Singing” and Inspirational […]

Lyrics: I went down in the valley one day I heard the angels singing/heard a voice saw no one I heard the angels singing What you think them angels said I heard the angels singing/Your sins is forgiven and your soul is free I heard the angels sing We all have had the moments where […]

There comes a time in all our lives when we decide that we will move ahead and no longer wallow. This song depicts the best  that we can do is not to wallow. We can move on with our best. Read: Be Inspired! Watch 15 Year Old Blind Preacher With Speech Disability