Dr. Jennifer Caudle explained on NewsOne Now that many African-Americans don't realize how important sleep is and many of us take it for granted. According to Caudle, the average American should get seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Unfortunately, the majority of the American populace does not reach this mark.

Actor Lamman Rucker joined Roland Martin on NewsOne Now to discuss the American Heart Association Blood Pressure Awareness Campaign as well as some of his upcoming projects.…

Older or younger, you already know you should be working out more. But now, a new study suggests that getting more fit might also reduce the risk of death for elderly men with high blood pressure. Compared to the least-fit men, those who had the highest levels of fitness had nearly half the risk of […]

Hypertension is the most common cardiovascular disease.  It doesn’t exclude any gender, race or age group. However, African-Americans are at higher risk for this serious disease than any other race or ethnic group. African- Americans are developing hypertension at younger ages than other groups in the United States. American Airlines is a proud supporter of […]

It’s refreshing to see our favorite celebrities take time to help spread the word and raise awareness about matters that are important to our community.  We all have busy schedules but service to others and being self-less really makes a difference and enriches our lives.  

Today marks the 5th anniversary of the passing of legendary singer Luther Vandross.  After experiencing various battles with his health,  his cause of death was an apparent heart attack.    He like many African-Americans across the country had the dual diagnosis of having hypertension and diabetes.

Hypertension affects millions of people but African-Americans are touched in a unique way.  African- Americans develop high blood pressure at younger ages than other groups in the United States.  Exercise is one of the most important aids to lower hypertension.