Dear God: Thank you for the family you chose for me, the situations, circumstances and events you have ordained for my life. No matter what is happening in your life, it is a direct result of one of three things: 1) What you or your family has sown. 2) What God has allowed you to […]


Dear God: Please grant us faith to wait on you, so we don’t invite situations loaded with dead weight into our lives. What’s the difference between hope and faith? Too many times we use the words interchangeably and they are not the same. Many times, we encourage people to “keep hope alive”, but should we? […]


I have six brothers, all younger than yours truly.  They’re just good ole fashioned, hardworking, loving boys.  And I have to say, they make it pretty hard on a single girl, especially when there seems to be less and less men like them to choose from these days. While I hope to meet Mr. Right-for-me, […]

I’m sure by now many of us would have thought about or even have decided on a resolution to achieve something in 2014. This article is meant to give an insight into making a faith filled New Year. It shouldn’t come as surprise to us that the majority of us would have abandoned and even […]

They say that when you wake in the morning life looks a little different. Let’s get today going with a burst of hope. There is nothing that can stop you. YOU can be anything. YOU can do anything. 5 Ways To Market Yourself & Combat Overthinking Things may be trying right now. Money may be […]

Hope is the one thing that makes us keep going as humans.

Every first Tuesday, nine months out of the year, I have the privilege of going to listen to world renown motivational speaker, Lewis Timberlake. Boasting over forty years as an executive coach and corporate consultant, Timberlake has helped Fortune 500 companies and their lesser known counterparts go from good to great. If ever there was […]

Transition can be done in doses. How much do you want to take on at once becomes the question? You can do a little transition

The beginning of spring usually encourages us all to clean our homes. We purchase our cleaning supplies. We make our laundry list. We get started.

You never lose by loving. You always lose by holding back- Barbara De Angelis

How can one ordinary person — you or me — make a positive difference in this world?  I challenge you today to do something .

Hope is a word that can be over used and yet not used enough. When I think of all the words I could say that represents what keeps a person