With the help of spiritual life coach, Iyanla Vanzant, two pastors will come out to their congregations and identify their sexuality. The two men take bold steps towards confessing their truth after years of keeping their sexuality a secret from those closest to them. The epidemic of cheating pastors comes to the small screen this […]


An interview Bishop TD Jakes did  with  Huffington Post’s Marc Hill has done viral. Headlines all over the net have proclaimed  that Bishop Jakes ‘has an evolved his view of homosexual marriage’.  Jakes also reaffirmed that members of the LGBT community, like all American citizens, deserve equal protection under the law. “Once you begin to […]

Bishop Kevin Kanouse, head of the Northern Texas-Northern Louisiana area of the Evangelical Lutheran Church America released a letter to church leaders explaining his announcement. The letter was a detailed missive of his exploration of self  after preaching a stirring lecture to over 400 youth and adults  at a bible study. It became all to clear […]

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a wise man. He is often the emblem invoked for anyone wanting civil rights of any kind. He is the hero pointed to when people struggle with everyday crisis. Most of the time people forget that he was actually an ordained pastor. I stumbled upon a transcript from the […]

  Danny Cortez is pastor of a small Southern Baptist church in the Los Angeles area, not far from the conservative Christian Biola University. Like the rest of the Southern Baptist Convention, he was assured from Scripture that God-ordained sexuality was reserved for the husband-wife relationship. But when his son came out as gay, he […]

Imagine your deepest, darkest secret being laid bare in the public square. Imagine how you would feel if something that you have been struggling with…

Catholics have always been rumored to be the harshest on homosexuality. Jesuits were rumored to flagelatte themselves until bloody. Many took actions of self mortification. The Catholic Church teaches that such acts are always violations of divine and natural law. The vast majority of those who oppose homosexual behavior are in no way “afraid” of […]