Today, many people will be rushing around buying last minute items for Mother's Day Sunday.

The ancient Babylonians made promises to their gods at the start of each year that they would return borrowed objects and pay their debts. The Romans began each year by making promises to the god Janus, for whom the month of January is named. In the Medieval era, the knights took the “peacock vow” at […]

The Twelve Days of Christmas are the festive days beginning Christmas Day (25 December). This period is also known as Christmastide and Twelvetide. Unfortunately,because there a drive to start the “christmas selling period” there is a misunderstanding that Christmas ends promptly on Christmas Day. That is 100% wrong. The Twelfth Night of Christmas is always […]

Every year, after wrapping the presents and downing a couple of mugs of eggnog, I sit down to enjoy the annual marathon of Christmas movies.…


Most of us spend a good deal of time watching television over the holiday season. We watch movies on “On Demand” or pop in a DVD. Here is my pick for quality viewing time for the visitors in your home this week and next. There are also different movies I watch for different reasons. 1-       […]

When decorating for the holiday season many people remember to decorate the yard, the Christmas tree and the mantle, but what about the dining room table? 10 Weirdest Things Sold On eBay You want your dinner guests to be transformed into the holiday season mood immediately upon entering the dining room. A Christmas wreath laid […]

For generations, Christmas carols were sung by the world everywhere during the holiday season. It was a traditional past time to gather around and regal others with songs and poems. Read:3 Tips To Be Less Stressed This Holiday Season The Christian orders of the day demanded the hymns be sung to propagate Trinitarian Christian doctrine […]

He’s your dawg through thick and thin. He’s held you down, he’s given you passes and he’s kept your secrets (aka lied for you,) and…


In-laws can be a gift or a blessing. Many people find that the first law of dealing with in-laws comes with is understanding what the boundaries are in your relationship early. Ask yourself the following questions. Are you struggling right now with one of your in-laws who has been intruding into your marriage? Or, have […]

Catalogs are the best way to get a discount on gifts that you always wanted to give.  Here ares some of the best quality catalogs for gift giving that won’t break the bank! Catalogs can be a great source of information. Depending on the nature of the catalog, they can be a source of creative […]

December 24th is not only Christmas Eve, but also National Eggnog Day. On a fateful day in 1826, US Military Soldiers smuggled inexpensive whiskey into…

Sherri Shepherd, like many other mothers, has a love affair with Christmas. Her holiday spirit shines through in her festive celebrations, her elaborate costumes and…