Many times when I visit a client, the concepts of “becoming an owner and not a loaner”, being able to truly earn high interest rates, the rules of how money works, and how to have income for life are all foreign – as they were for me before I became educated, trained and licensed.   The […]

As people lose their jobs, transition to new careers, retire or keep their money in a bank savings/CDs etc.,  they are often left with 401K plans, 403Bs  and other investment accounts that are unable to earn a significant interest rate.  This money is considered “dead”.  There is no way of reviving it unless it is rolled over or invested in a vehicle that is […]

Recently I met with a client who wanted me to help with her life insurance and investment plan.  She wasn’t quite sure what type of life insurance she had when I asked (while scheduling the appointment) but she was pretty sure it wasn’t what she wanted.  When I arrived at her home to assess her needs, I […]