Experts say that breakfast is an important meal – it jump starts your metabolism, gives you energy, and helps you stay on a healthier track and eat smarter throughout the day. But, according to a new report from the Environmental Working Group, a health research and advocacy organization, fortified breakfast cereals may provide unhealthy amounts […]

From hands to hair to clothes to food, keeping things as clean as possible is a very basic, and very essential, part of staying healthy. But do you really know the what’s, how’s and how often’s of cleaning up? How Often Should You Wash…Your Face? Dirt, oil, sweat, makeup and bacteria can prevent your skin […]

  You’ve probably already heard that a healthy diet can help reduce a host of diseases and conditions, as well as help improve how your body looks and performs. But now, a new study is singling out one food group in particular as the one that can really help save your life. But…there’s a catch. […]

No, not all vegetarians are healthy, just like not all meat-lovers are a steak knife away from a heart attack. However, according to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, there are definitely advantages to vegetarianism, such as limited risks of: Heart disease Colorectal, ovarian, and breast cancers Diabetes Obesity Hypertension Why? A healthy vegetarian diet […]

There is absolutely no way around this – losing weight is hard work. Impossible, no. Hard. Yes. But thankfully, there are three things you can do to ensure that all that hard work actually pays off. 1. Monitor Everything. Write down your daily calories. Pay attention to how many times you work out each week, […]

Anytime is a great time to detox. It’s not just for post-holiday binge relief. Experts believe that trying to eat as cleanly as possible – as often as possible – will help your body function the way it’s supposed to. The good news? Effective daily detoxing doesn’t necessarily require strange ingredients or starvation. Whole Foods […]