Montell Williams is best known as a talk show host during the 17 years from 1991 to 2008 that he hosted his self-titled daytime show. Now,…

Though Kirk Franklin appeared on the Tom Joyner Morning Show to talk about his role on the GSN’s “The Bible Challenge” (and to defend himself…

Can you rel8 to this? So…after posting my blog on “Was Tonex On The DL?!” the responses that came to my facebook page and the comments here on elev8.com were amazing.  But I realized something in the course of writing and reading, some people really don’t understand the impact of the down low and others […]

Upon reflection of National AIDS Awareness Day – take time to pray for healing – – – Prayer for People With HIV / AIDS Hear our prayer, O God of mercy and love, for all who suffer with AIDS. Grant unto them tender and loving companions who will support them in the midst of fear. […]

“I’m facing a death sentence,” Angela White-Fannin said. “They’re telling me I’m getting ready to leave. I’m not going to be here to raise my kids. I’m not going to be here with my husband. I’m really getting ready to check out.”That was Angela White-Fannin’s reaction when doctors gave her the grim news that she […]

(BlackWomensHealth.com) “Healing Without Hate: How to Forgive to Live,” is a ten step process that will help you become free to let go of the past and live the life that is intended for you. It has always been my belief that everyone was placed on this earth for a purpose. It is important for […]

Please note: This article is not intended to be offensive. It is meant as a wake up call. Please receive it in the loving concern in which it was sent. ———————————————————————————————————

The heart energy center ((anahata chakra) is located in the center of the chest. It’s associated with the color green. The foundation of the heart chakra is the connection between the physical and the spiritual body. A strong heart chakra creates balance, harmony and trust in the process of life. This chakra is connected to […]

I hope you already started to feel better, just by reading the headline and looking at the adorable baby smiling. :-) I woke up this morning with a headache. I drank some water, had a good breakfast, took my vitamins, did a little meditation and still felt there could be one more thing that could […]

The Omega Institute was founded in 1977 by Stephan Rechtschaffen, M.D., and Elizabeth Lesser. They envisioned a dynamic “university of life” designed to foster personal growth and social change. The name “Omega” came from the teachings of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin, a renowned 20th-century philosopher, who used the term “Omega Point” to describe the peak […]

In 2001, after a devastating experience I was left severely wounded, to the point that I was paralyzed by pain.  The pain from the betrayal was so severe and detrimental that I did not know how to process it.