When our weather changes,  everyone is worried about the “winter dangers”  such as broken bones from falls on ice (especially for older adults with mobility issues) or breathing problems caused by cold air, but cold weather is very risky for older people. The winter chill can lower the temperature inside the body and that can be […]

An elderly British woman was approved for a physician-assisted suicide in Switzerland, though she was not terminally ill or disabled. The 89-year-old, known only as Anne, had become disillusioned with life, and felt unable to continue living in a modern world. The former art teacher and electrician with the Royal Navy reported being tired of […]

One of the most emotionally complex and difficult things a person can experience is taking care of an elderly parent or sick parent. At some point we have all dealt with or will deal with this. They say that all of life is a cycle. When you are posed with the responsibility of caring for […]

The inescapable fact in life is that, one-day, we will become an elder. However, the importance of respecting elders should not just be for that reason. We should give respect to elders for a number of reasons. Not least of these is that at least two of our elders brought us into this world, and […]

“Thirty percent of adults do not know where their parents keep important papers such as their health insurance card, financial statements or will.”- – Family Circle and Kaiser Foundation