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Live stream Bishop Eddie Long’s funeral services...

Bishop Eddie Long has passed away and he will soon be funeralized. However, Black church communities cannot bury his troubled past with him. The church—New Birth et al.—must reckon with the Goliath of child sexual abuse and rescue the true Davids, our children, from the perverse and death-dealing realities of molestation, incest and rape.

Christians and Christianity in the media  have changed. In the 1980’s we saw the start of change in media. What we thought of as the charismatic renewal was mostly white back then and largely in denominational churches. Today the growth seems to be mostly among independent charismatics. And there are huge churches pastored by African […]

Pastor Creflo Dollar has been arrested Elev8 has learned. Police arrested mega-church pastor Creflo Dollar Jr. on simple battery charges in Fayette County on Friday. Dollar is known for his controversial teachings of Prosperity theology. UPDATED: Creflo Dollar spoke about his charges and you can read it here;Creflo Dollar Speaks After Leaving Jail!  Channel 2’s […]

Two Christian Rap Artists, “IV His Son” and Jovan Mackenzy, in partnership with online production company CrownRightsMedia.com have made a video that is going all over the Christian community and causing quite a stir. In the video IV His Son and Jovan Mackenzy are seen standing in front of the popular mega churches of two […]

The divorce case between Georgia mega-church pastor Eddie Long and wife Vanessa Long has been closed and dismissed, according to the DeKalb County Online Judicial System. However, there remains a possibility the case could continue in the future. Read: Bishop Eddie Long Apologizes For “Kingship” According to the online judicial system record, there are three […]

Bishop TD Jakes talks about Eddie Lon, sex abuse and poverty with CNN.

Bishop Eddie Long’s New Birth Missionary Church supporters are die-hard. So die-hard in fact that they are willing to run down protesters. Watch the video below: Wow, what goes on inside the walls of that church CANNOT be of God. Follow us on @elev8official for breaking news. Make sure you read: Bishop Eddie Long Steps […]

Now that Bishop Eddie Long has stepped down from his position as Senior Pastor at New Birth Missionary Baptist Church and his wife Vanessa is moving forward with divorcing him, it’s easy to see how he was living a lie. Eddie Long’s personal and professional life have come crumbling down, and it’s too bad that […]

Divorce is not a laughing matter, but Vanessa Long‘s divorce from Bishop Eddie Long announcement, and the immediate change of heart makes this whole matter a little ridiculous. Here’s a cartoon showing the lighter side of the Bishop Eddie Long scandal… RELATED POSTS: Bishop Eddie Long’s Wife Officially Files For Divorce! Or Did She? [UPDATE] […]