35 year old Jason Mott is the author of ‘The Returned”, a book based on the hit television show, “Resurrection”, starring Omar Epps. Based on…

Having to reinvent myself at 40 is a trip.  And maybe I shouldn’t call it a reinvention as much as it is an overhaul. Being recently divorced, single mom, building a career birthed out of a dream doesn’t feel very vaudeville.  All of this takes extremely hard work, dedication, commitment and disciple – everything that […]

Dreams are what keep the human spirit alive. If you do not have a dream your spirit wains and will die. How many times have you looked at someone doing something with a wish in your heart to do the same.?  You are never too old to embrace a dream. Dreams are what keep us […]

Do you wake up in the morning wondering what your dreams really mean? There has always been a belief that dreams are really our unspoken attentions.  A dream is defined in Webster’s Dictionary as a “sequence of sensations, images, thoughts, etc., passing through a sleeping person’s mind”. Dreams have been a topic of study dating […]

Capacity building allows you to operate at the maximum level.  It attracts to you the resources, relationships and opportunities that come with your dream.  It also allows you to continue to grow, expanding and enlarging. Steps to Capacity Building 1)    Possess the dream, the vision, and the idea!! Know that it will stretch you beyond […]

The beauty of life is in the living of it. And the living of life is now. It is fine to make grand, wonderful plans and to then bring those plans to life through your efforts. Yet do not ignore the quiet, stunningly beautiful treasures in each ordinary moment. Happiness is not in some distant […]

There comes that point in the journey of life when you have just got to trust the flow. You simply believe that the Universe is on your side. You believe that you have Asked and it is now Given. You have Asked and it is now Answered. It is imperative at this point that you […]

Transition can be done in doses. How much do you want to take on at once becomes the question? You can do a little transition

I sometimes wonder why having to change something in my life is so difficult and I think I may have figured it out.  You see it

When Mo’Nique’s name was called for best supporting actress at the Academy Awards I literally got chills and felt the hairs on my arms stand up.

Our most beautiful day is “today!” If we’re not careful we will miss today by being fooled about tomorrow. The good book says take no thought