James Fortune plead guilty to assault yesterday (March 8, 2016) for attacking his wife, Cheryl Fortune. He was sentenced to five days in jail, five years of probation, 175 days of community service and a “batterer’s intervention” program. Fortune was also ordered to stay away from his wife. In October 2014, investigators say Fortune hit his […]

Did you know that men are also victims of domestic abuse? While most attention is given to women who are abused by men, men are often overlooked victims of domestic violence. Victims of domestic violence come from all walks of life — all cultures, all income groups, all ages, all religions. Men are silent sufferers. […]

I am a domestic violence survivor. I’ve been cursed at, spit on, sexually assaulted by my mate, dragged down a flight of steps in public, and punched in the head. I have even been pulled out of my car and left bare foot on the side of the highway. Each time I went back. I’ve […]

    Within the church, pastors discuss and give insight on many things. A recent study shows that one issue that effects millions of Americans has pastors feeling ill-equipped on how to address it properly. That issue is domestic and sexual violence. a study conducted by LifeWay Research shows that pastors often fail to appropriately address this […]

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