Dr. Jennifer Caudle explained on NewsOne Now that many African-Americans don't realize how important sleep is and many of us take it for granted. According to Caudle, the average American should get seven to eight hours of sleep a night. Unfortunately, the majority of the American populace does not reach this mark.

So many women are superwomen, juggling countless tasks, acting as the family’s all-around go-to person, and making sure that everybody stays as happy and healthy as possible. That is, everyone except themselves. Women are generally so busy doing so much that they often forget that their needs and their health are just as important as […]

Coffee. Joe. Java. Whatever you call it, 54% of Americans drink it everyday. While experts warn that there’s definitely such a thing as too much, they also agree that coffee may actually help boost your health. Several studies conducted over the past several years have suggested that coffee can… Make you happier… A study done […]

Have you found yourself spending more lone time lately? If so, you may want to invite a friend out to coffee or a movie or something. Immediately. According to new research from Brigham Young University, not having quality friends can actually be as unhealthy as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Another study showed people with […]

Would you ever say I’ve got lupus or I’ve got diabetes without knowing if you really had the diseases?  Probably not but most us frequently…


From Therese Borchard at HuffingtonPost.com: We’ve officially entered the hard months, the “dark ages” as the midshipmen at the Naval Academy say: the time of the year when the sun disappears and the pale complexions of your friends remind you that you had better take your vitamins or else you’ll have a cold to go […]

Has this year been an emotional roller coaster for you?  Bad relationship ended? Stressful job? Drama-filled life? Feeling lonely? As we stroll through the holiday season, for every person who’s a holiday lover, there’s one who dreads the holiday season. 5 Natural Jet Lag Remedies Fall is a marked reminder that summer has ended and […]

Many people suffer from seasonal depression because of the decrease in daylight that occurs in the fall and winter along the hormonal changes that comes along with it. Spring is here and it’s a great time to step out of that dark  rut and add some light to your life! If you could use a […]

Depression is a condition that many people deal with on a daily basis.  Every time I see that Cymbalta commercial I always tell myself I never want to get in that place.  That’s sometimes easier said that done. 

Black people expect to be in pain every day, so for us, a good day is heaven. But the truth is: everybody on the planet is walking around with unresolved wounds and scars. We’re all challenged on some level. Do you think you know a person who doesn’t have a problem? Think again!

Worrying can be a resourceful habit if you are trying to recruit high blood pressure, a migraine, or waste meaningless hours of your life.