Kirk & Tammy Franklin talk about how they've kept their marriage strong for 21 years.

After their long battle to have a child, Virginia couple Dana Griffin-Graves and Arkell Graves welcomed a baby boy on Tuesday.

I was watching Preachers of Detroit, a show about six preachers in Detroit and their families. On episode 3, the wives and daughters of the pastors, Bishop Corletta Vaughn, and famous gospel singer/evangelist Dorinda Clark Cole were eating lunch at a restaurant. A ladies pow-wow of sorts. The subject came up of women in ministry. […]

Although I love comedy and firmly believes in a comedian’s right to push the boundaries of acceptability in order to generate laughs on stage, social media has presented some unique challenges for me because what constitutes a stage is changing. For example, in the past a comedian would be allowed to say whatever they feel […]

With his new book, Where Did Our Love Go, veteran lifestyle journalist Gil Robertson IV explores the intense national dialogue on the subject of falling marriage rates in the African American community. Marital unions have always played an essential part to the vitality and character of society. However, since the 1960’s marriage rate for African […]

Couples Alert!- Have you ever heard of the term the “7 year itch”? A recent UK study conducted for Warner Bros to promote the film, “Hall Pass” in UK theaters discovered couples tolerance for one another has decreased from 7 years  to 36 months.

With thoughts of what kind of gift to give with Valentine’s day approaching, a shoulder massage is always welcomed.  It can be given in a platonic way to a friend that is working long hours at their desk, or to a lover to help them get in a romantic mood. The benefits of a shoulder […]