Conrad Murray

Conrad Murray’s conviction of  killing Michael Jackson will change medicine in Hollywood. Michael Jackson’s personal doctor received the maximum punishment in the pop singer’s death but not before a scolding from the judge for violating his Hippocratic oath and engaging in “money-for-medicine madness.” Karyn White Takes Us From “Superwoman” To “Sista Sista”! [EXCLUSIVE] Despite Judge […]

The Michael Jackson case this week presented prints, drugs and phone calls to women.The court also saw a police photograph of ornate dinner plates with babies’ faces – thought to be Jackson’s children – displayed on a chest of drawers along with family snaps of Prince, Paris and Blanket. The unprecedented glimpse into the singer’s […]

Prosecutors are called key witnesses to the stand  in an attempt to show Murray delayed calling authorities on the day the King of Pop was found lifeless and was intent on concealing indications that he had been giving the singer doses of the surgical anesthetic. Day 2: Michael Jackson Murder Case Brings Tales Of Death […]

The second day of Michael Jackson murder trial dived into the drug addiction and sleep deprivation. According to testimony today in on day 2 of Manslaughter case: Michael Jackson slurred his speech after visits to Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Arnold Klein, trips that became “very regular” for the pop star in the weeks before his […]