In these days of financial stresses and deep depressions, help and encouragement is one of the best things that we can do for each other. Often churches are seeking fresh ideas on how to help their community. At this moment I am doing a great deal of outreach in my parish. These are the the […]

Disgruntled clergy and healthcare leaders have launched a nationwide petition campaign in churches calling for the Congress and the private business sector to support President Obama’s embattled jobs program. At the same time, they are also urging the creation of thousands of new employment opportunities for minorities in the pharmaceutical, insurance and other private industries. […]

Christians should be the wealthiest individuals on the planet. If we’re attached to the Author and Creator of all things, why aren’t we receiving incredible business ideas, inventions, and corporations? Why shouldn’t we create companies that can be used to employ more people, create more jobs and meet the tangible needs of those in the […]

The Red Cross Needs You! They want you to know that they are on the ground helping. An initial $10 million to its main partner in the country – the Japanese Red Cross – to help with their medical and relief activities. As pledges are fulfilled and additional donations received, the American Red Cross plans […]

The Newseum,  the only museum dedicated to news in the world, in Washington, D.C will host it’s first Martin Luther King Day  Event  on Sunday January 16, 2010.