A new list published in Outreach Magazine names Andy Stanley’s North Point Ministries as the largest church in America. As exciting as this designation may be, Stanley is already focused on the next best thing, fostering the next generation of church leaders. In an essay for Outreach Magazine, Stanley explained “One of my favorite quotes […]

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People are split over Oxygen’s “Preachers of L.A.”. Some people think it is inappropriate for religious leaders to appear on reality television while others think…


One pastor in Ohio is going to extreme measures to spread God’s word. Even if that means putting a stripper pole, not just inside his church, but front and center on the pulpit. Pastor Mike Scruggs admits he’s anything but your traditional pulpit preacher. “We try to make it relevant straight forward we don’t sugar […]

Dozens of congregants at a western New York church received a little something extra while attending services this past weekend. Fave Five Tasty Brooklyn Brunch Spots Envelopes each containing a $100 bill were handed out to about 85 families and individuals older than 18 near the end of Sunday’s service at The Vine Wesleyan Church […]

How would you feel if you woke up one Sunday morning and found a church at your child’s school? Better yet, would you enjoy the ability of attending worship at your local school.? These questions might sound odd but, it is taking place.  It may even sound strange, but it has its merits. Low overhead […]

Google launched the Nexus One phone on Jan. 5 to no surprise and with little flash. One reviewer said the presentation was “underwhelming.” Of course, that’s exactly what Google intended. Here’s why and here’s what your church can learn: