chronic disease

Before we start to tackle the problem of obesity in the African American  Community/Church. I think it’s best to show everyone the facts. Six Foods That Contain Hidden Sugars Throughout these blogs I will discuss the ways I feel we can change our habits and in time change our lifestyles. Education and motivation will play […]

I just don’t understand it.  There is a health crisis taking place in this country and people couldn’t care less. The health crisis in the African American community is at another  level. Our breast cancer numbers are unbelievable,as well as our prostate cancer, heart disease, and diabetes numbers. Why do we embrace unhealthy lifestyles? Why […]

I hope you enjoyed the Dr. Mercola interview. He provides so much hard-hitting and some say controversial information.  The next individual I am featuring is equally controversial,Dr. Sebi. Dr. Sebi has claimed to cure Aids, Diabetes and Cancer. He is known as a Doctor to the stars in the African American Community, he has been […]