Centino Kemp, the fifth person to accuse Eddie Long of sexual misconduct, gave an interview to Atlanta’s Fox 5, which was broadcast Tuesday. Kemp said his alter-ego called “Wild Child Kemp” saved his life by convincing the young man to stay alive, when Kemp attempted to commit suicide three weeks after lawsuits against Long were […]

Lawyer Brenda Joy  Bernstein and co-counsel Jay Sadd decided to drop Jamal Parris, Spencer LaGrande and Centino Kemp because of a conflict of interest, as Long’s lawyers have moved to collect “not less than $900,000” for violation of the settlement. What Is The True Meaning Of Illuminati? Long’s attorneys are demanding arbitration because they claim […]

New Book, “First Lady” tells every lurid detail that Centrino first alluded to in his earth shattering interview Eddie Long’s Fifth Accuser Centrino Talks About Rape & Abuse [AUDIO]. The quiet has been shattered once again with a book hitting the presses with resounding sound of Eddie Long’s crimes. This is now more than just […]