breast cancer awareness month

Jacque Reid talks to OBGYN Dr. Drai about mammograms for women in light of the recent changes the American Cancer Society announced this week. “The OBGYN…

According to researchers, denser breasts make it harder to detect cancer in a mammogram because non-cancerous fatty cells could show up as white on a mammogram, the same as cancerous fatty cells.

Thousands of women (and men) are banding together to share their stories and fight to find a cure for breast cancer. With October being Breast Cancer Awareness Month, social media activists have sought to maintain a culture of awareness for the better -- and sometimes the worse.

Breast cancer screenings help detect breast cancer in its earliest, most treatable stage. More than nine out of 10 women who detect breast cancer early live at least five years — and many live much longer. These breast cancer detection tools can save lives: Regular clinical breast exams can detect breast cancer early. Wo men […]

When is Breast Cancer Awareness Month? National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, or NBCAM, runs through October of ever year, though according to the website, it’s not simply a month-long initiative, and “NBCAM is dedicated to raising awareness and educating individuals about breast cancer throughout the year.” Founded more than 25 years ago, National Breast Cancer […]

Why does breast cancer affect more African American women? There are numerous possible reasons breast cancer kills more African American women, proportionately speaking. According to, African American women “are more likely than all other women to die from breast cancer,” and that’s partially because they tend to find their tumors in later stages of […]