Black community

The struggle between black men and women is an old one. It cuts very deep and very long. Black men have failed Black women in many ways, but probably the most egregious offense is that we’ve failed to PROTECT our women. As an avid follower of any and everything that has to do with Malcolm […]

In a new book, “How Facebook Killed the Church“, author Richard Beck argues that our new connectivity online is not necessarily a good thing for organized religion.

In Black Pain, Terrie has inspired the famous and the ordinary to speak out and mental health professionals to offer solutions. The book is a mirror turned on you. Do you see yourself and your loved ones here? Do the descriptions of how the pain looks, feels, and sounds seem far too familiar? Now you […]

Can you rel8 to this? This may sound a little stereotypical, especially coming from a Black woman, but I believe the Black community has a rough time facing the truth of mental disabilities and other life challenges.  I can’t quite tell you why but we would rather keep the matter a hush than to openly […]