We’ve all seen it before.  A hopeful mother trods into a grocery store, Starbucks, convenience store with a little person in tow.  While she attempts to “make groceries,” order and drink her latte, purchase her magazine, she soon finds herself bombarded by demands for candy, a hot chocolate, or a toy.  Upon refusing, she is […]

Your expectations can have a powerful effect on the kind of treatment you get from others. The more positive (and realistic) your expectations of another person, the more likely they are to meet them. Conversely, the more negative your expectations, the more “prophetic” they’ll prove to be. Conducting yourself as if you sincerely expect high […]

After a heated debate  with co-workers I have a question. Do we recognize and realize that this  young man is still a child? We all have done things in our life as young people we are not proud of. We have all made that one indiscretion that could possibly color the remainder of our lives […]