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The hottest show on television keeps getting hotter: Sunday’s third installment of THE BIBLE was once again tops in the ratings for all of television, drawing 11 million viewers.

The epic miniseries bested even perennial ratings powerhouse “60 Minutes” – a show with a storied pedigree it premiered when THE BIBLE executive producers, husband and wife Roma Downey and Mark Burnett, were just 7 years old. Since debuting March 3, THE BIBLE has been seen by more than 68 million people in its first-run airings and encore presentations.

“The most-read book of all time is the most-watched TV event of our time!” Burnett said. “Roma and I can’t thank the show’s millions of fans enough for taking this passion project of ours and making it the breakout hit of the year.”

Downey said she never envisioned the series rocketing to such success when she bounced the idea for the show off her husband over a cup of tea nearly four years ago.

“We just wanted to breathe a little fresh visual life into the sacred text we both love,” she said. “The response has been more than we could have hoped for. The Bible says we love God because He first loved us; the ratings show just how deeply people love God, and we pray the series makes clear just how deeply God loves us.”

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