1. Reason #1

Watch what happens when Erica goes solo. She has been singing with Tina since the beginning. Will she be able to manage? Last year Erica fought sickness. This time her vocal cords might not last. She will get a diagnosis no singer wants.

2. Reason # 2

Tina must deal with a broken wedding vow. Teddy reveals that he was not faithful. Will she and Teddy survive infidelity or will she cry one last tear?

3. Reason # 3

The ladies face the loss of a parent. They will walk you through the unfinished business of loving the first man in your life, who you never had closure with.

4. Reason # 4

Will Tina ever sing again? Erica is going solo and flying high. Where does that leave Mary Mary? They built a brand, now one half is gone. Who will Tina be without Erica?

5. Reason # 5

Mitch and the ladies go head to head again! What do you do when your manager wants you to work and your personal life is falling apart? How do you make it work? Do you stay together, because of the success you have or do you fire your manager and decrease your stress? Erica and Tina have decisions to make!