21 reasons you should watch season 2.

1. Noel Jones

Bishop Noel Jones will encourage you to go on even if we are tired.

2. Clarence McClendon

Bishop Clarence McClendon will take you on the journey of what happens when your season of growth arrives and what you have to do.

3. Preachers Of L.A.

The men show you what true male friendship looks like.

4. Jay Haizlip

Pastor Jay Haizlip will show us what it means to be friend to those who are often disenfranchised.

5. Deitrick Haddon

Minister Deitrick Haddon will show you that you can never run away from who you are.

6. Wayne Chaney

Minister Wayne Chaney will take you on the self journey of what it means to be a real family member.

7. Jay Haizlip And Deitrick Haddon

Jay and Deitrick will show you the honest struggle of what being a true friend means.

8. Noel Jones and Loretta

Noel Jones will open the doors to what having a mature friendship will be and what it means.

9. Deitrick Haddon and Dominique Haddon

The Haddons will invite us into the world of young parenthood.

10. Deitrick Haddon and Bishop Ron Gibson

Deitrick Haddon and Bishop Ron Gibson will show you how there can be true dialog between of traditions and new evolutions.

11. Bishop Clarence McClendon and Priscilla

The McClendons will show you what it means to embracing your children’s life choices.

12. Pastor Jay and Christy Haizlip

The Haizlips will show you that you can be in love with God and not be boring

13. Bishop Ron and Lavette Gisbson

The Gibsons will show how love can last a life time.

14. Pastor Wayne and Myesha Chaney

The Chaneys will display how teamwork makes the dream work!

15. Celebration Of God As A Woman In The Real World

Myesha, Christy and Dominique will prove that you can look great and love God.

16. Celebration Of Men of God In The Real World

Wayne, Deitrick and Jay will show you that God understands you where you are now.

17. You Can Always Have Swag And Keep It Real

First Lady LaVette shows you that you can use all you know and encourage others to grow.

18. Deitrick Haddon With His Father

Deitrick will show us what happens when we as an adult face our inherited lot

19. Channeys and Haizlips

The Channeys and the Haizlips will show us that our horizons can always grow.

20. Noel Jones and Family

Change is Inevitable. Noel will show us that no matter the age, change is coming.

21. Jay Haizlip

Respecting God’s law and others can work.

22. Redemption

All the pastors will show how Redemption can come in the morning after the darkest night.