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1. ‘A Different World’ Was More Than A Sitcom, It Was A Cultural Compass

‘A Different World’ Was More Than A Sitcom, It Was A Cultural Compass

“A Different World” was obviously one of the most iconic Black sitcoms ever in life. The subject matter was not only relatable, but it was essential for young, Black development. The show allowed us to see ourselves striving for higher education and tackled themes in each episode that hit home in a way many shows can’t compare to these days. Check out all the ways “ADW” hit life directly on the head.

2. The AIDS Epidemic

Tisha Campbell starred on the series as a student infected with HIV. During a class, “Josie” read an essay she’d written, revealing her diagnosis. The ignorance many of the students bestowed upon her reflected the ignorance in our society. She’d gotten it from her high school boyfriend and “looked” nothing like HIV positive. This revealed that anyone could be affected. Slowly, she gained support and love.

3. Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence

Whitley gave advice to Gina, who was being abused by her boyfriend. She didn’t know how to leave and Whitley advised her to sacrifice the relationship as opposed to sacrificing herself or her life.

4. Interracial Dating

Interracial Dating

Matt loved himself some Kim and she avoided it for an entire semester, but his affection wore her down and he finally got Kim to commit to him. But she still cared what people thought about their swirl.

5. Rape


Dwayne’s friend told him that women often say no with their mouths, but their bodies are begging for them. He told Dwayne that it’s the man’s job to lead the woman to sex because she doesn’t know what she wants.

6. Caring About Young & Impressionable Black Minds

Kriss Kross appeared on the show, both a part of a youth outreach program Freddie Brooks was a part of. Many people would have written them off as hoodlums, but Dwayne Wayne, Colonel Taylor & Mr. Gaines made sure they received support and education.