1. 3 Winans Brothers

The album is finally here!

2. 3WB Talk About the Future

Bebe wants you to know if you hear they are coming to town because this will NOT happen again. “We are old!”

3. 3 Winans Brothers

Marvins on why they never went secular: “We know who we are. We may not be the most affluent, but we know what we do and who we are.”

4. Bebe Winans Reflecs on his Brother Marvin’s song

“We have all been so busy that this was the one time we could get together. Everyone’s schedule worked.”- Bebe Winans

5. Bebe Winans says filming music video was fun

“Filming the music video for Move was so much fun no one wanted to go home.”

6. 3 Winans Brothers

“You want a project you can be proud of. We are proud.”

7. 3 Winans Brothers Carvin Talks

“When you know Christ…you do Not want him to let go.” -carvin winans

8. Winans Brothers

We know each other!

9. Carvin Winans

“Carvin is a different kind of busy than the rest of us.” – Bebe Winans Carvin replied, “Yea.. really…”

10. 3 Winans Brothers Bebe Isn’t Theologically Heavy

“I like simple songs. If God Be For Us is a simple song with a deep meaning.”Bebe Winans

11. Carvin Winans in Red

Carvin is happy to be part of the group and is just enjoying every moment.

12. Winans Brothers On The Move

They have their bags and they are ready. Are you?