1. Remember that you are the only one to take care of you

Mary Mary Season 4- Erica Source:WE-TV Season 4

Erica tried to do too many things at one time. The result was a scary moment on stage. The lesson is to take care of you. No one can do that better than you.

2. Forgiveness Can Come At Any Time

Mitch and Erica Source:WE-TV Season 4 MM

Tina was willing to step outside of herself and forgive Mitch. She was living life as a new creation. Anger doesn’t allow you to grow.

3. Celebrate The Past and Embrace The Future

Mary Mary Season 4- Erica Source:WE-TV- Season 4 MM

Erica and Tina celebrated their accomplishments and gave their all to their last performance. They realized that they succeeded as team and will succeed as solo artists.