Fashion weeks come and go each year.  The one person that seems to be left out of the mix is the modest woman. We like fashion too. We want to wear clothes that make us look great, but we want to honor our temple. Here are 25 great looks that I found that did that this week.

1. adrian-alicea

2. Marc Jacobs Sparkle

3. Ralph Lauren Flowers

4. Ralph Lauren Pretty In Pink

5. Ralph Lauren Green Sweater

6. Ralph Lauren Grey and Purple

7. Giada Curti Sunshine

8. Jamal Tasiaq Black Renewed

9. Jamal Tasiaq close up

10. Altaf Maaneshia Two Piece Diamond

11. Nino Lettieri Black and White Pants Suit

12. Giania Tolentino Sheat And Jacket

13. Gianni Tolentino Black and White Dress

14. Nino Llettieri White Full

15. Nino Lettieri Grey and Black

16. Eric Mister Triple Designer

17. Kithe Brester Designer

18. Kithe Brewster Sparkle

19. Kithe Brewster Print

20. Kithe Brewster Grey

21. Kithe Brewster Everyday

22. Adrian Alicea Purple

23. Adrian Alicea Red

24. Adrian Alicea cream

25. Adrian Alicea Full