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Multi-GRAMMY® Award-winning artist, songwriter, producer and music icon Kirk Franklin,  released another #1 hit with his eleventh studio album, Losing My Religion.  His album debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Current Gospel Chart and Billboard’s Top Christian/Gospel Albums Chart. It entered No.10 on Billboard’s Top 200 Albums Chart, according to Nielsen Soundscan. This marks Franklin’s […]

‘Rejoice, We Are Alive!’ “I am deeply, reverently thankful for the life I have been given.” While this thought goes through my mind on a daily basis, once a year, a holiday is observed around it. We stop working at our jobs and gather together with our families, friends, and loved ones to eat a […]

We have all seen and heard the powerful images. A ballet-graceful player at full extension grabs a tightly thrown pass and runs down a field and scores a touchdown. He drops to a knee and prays.  A young football team readies themselves for a  Friday night game and you hear the coaches  shout, ‘Whose Name?’. […]

Immigration is not a new topic. In the bible it was discussed all the time.  It starts with Abraham, who left his homeland,.  The story continues with Ruth, who was a foreigner who followed her mother-in-law to glean the fields, to Joseph, a victim of human trafficking, to Paul, who fled persecution and spread the […]

In the rush to do everything we often lose sight of the true beauty of the season. The new book  ‘The Christmas Dance, Celebrate God’s Gift For You‘ is the perfect book to meditate with every day beginning this  Sunday. If you are heading out on the road  to travel to your family, this is […]

Fear can paralyze you. We all have faced fear. Some  deal with it by lashing out.  Some run away and deflect that fear onto others. This is not what the divine creator wants. He wants you to know that He is there at the center of it all. Worry, anxiety, fear…can overwhelm us with a […]

Maybe you’ve noticed lately you’re a lot more interested in risky, immoral and dangerous activities. Or perhaps you’re pushing things to the extreme, spending large amounts of money on a whim, or not thinking about the consequences of your actions until it’s too late. These are part of the lure of the seven deadly sins […]

Family time is right around the corner. Some of us are not big football fan. Now is the perfect time for television viewing. Here is your ultimate dvd guide.   Signed,Sealed Delivered. The original series “Signed, Sealed, Delivered” is a wonderful combination of romance, comedy and drama that follows the lives of four postal detectives […]

Deitrick Haddon is back with his first album on his very own label DH Visions. ‘Masterpiece‘ was  released this past Friday November 6, 2015.  The album is incredible. This is his eighth album and I can tell you this may be his best album to date. It is crisp,modern, creative and relevant. The music does […]

Losing a child is hard. It does not matter whether it is a child or an adult. That loss can either break you or make you stronger.  After Emily Pittsford lost her son, she never once asked “Why?” Instead, she said, “Thank you, God.” It was just days before his death that her son called […]

Empire continues their subtle theology lessons of faith this season. This week’s episode was entitled appropriately enough,  ‘A High Hope For a Low Heaven‘.   Anyone can be snatched from the light into the darkness. Last week’s episode  ended with youngest son Hakeem being kidnapped at the end of the episode. When you take a […]

Each day we look out our window and see a changing world. We are faced with violence, sexual depravity, loss of respect, broken families, discrimination and so many more evils. Many Christians find that the world celebrates sin over holiness. Here are four Scriptures to help fight the evil of the world. Isaiah 41:10 Fear […]