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There’s no denying that creating a peaceful home takes work. The road to peace is not smooth or easy, but it’s worthy!

One of the first steps is to figure out what peace is to you. Peace is different things to different people.  Planing is a key part to peace. Are you looking for less clutter? Are you looking  for quiet? These are things to think of.

Today try to remember:

 I Will Create A Home Full Of Joy And Peace.

Make your lists of things to do on certain days. This will help lessen the rushed chaotic feelings you may have. Knowing what events or outings are taking place will allow you to make shopping lists and menu plans accordingly. It is always helpful to know which nights require quick and easy dinners or what days the bathroom really must be clean (because you are having company).

Set aside a quiet space. This is essential to any home. A quiet place to read meditate, or pray is the best thing you can do. Next bring laughter into your home. Laughter is a  healthy way to relieve stress as well.

Good luck!

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