(11) Research has demonstrated that most fathers want to do well for their children. Rates of visitation among non-custodial fathers are higher than expected and mothers do want fathers involved in the lives of their children.

(12) The inability of parents to sustain a healthy relationship with their child’s other parent and remain involved in their child’s life can have severe negative consequences for the parents, the child, their community, and taxpayers.

(13) Single-parent families are about 4 times as likely to be poor as married-couple families.

(14) Children raised in single-parent families are more likely than children raised in 2-parent families to do poorly in school, have emotional and behavioral problems, become teenage parents, commit crimes, smoke cigarettes, abuse drugs and alcohol, and have poverty-level incomes as adults.

(15) High rates of unemployment and low wages are primary reasons why parents do not marry and why 2-parent families break up.

(16) When components of family and jobs supports are paired with responsible fatherhood programming, more fathers declare paternity, more live with their children, and more noncustodial men pay child support.

(17) Domestic violence is also a significant problem leading to the nonformation or breakup of 2-parent families.

(18) Unemployment for Black workers remained almost double what it is for Whites, a ratio unchanged in at least 35 years. In metropolitan areas, Blacks are the racial group most spatially isolated from available jobs.

(19) A history of incarceration is a major barrier to employment. Sixty percent of young African-American men who dropped out of high school have served time. When these men leave prison, they often have difficulty finding a job and supporting their children.

(20) Youth who are disconnected from school and employment are more likely than others to engage in crime, become incarcerated, and rely on public systems of support. While all races and ethnicities are represented among this youth population, research studies show that African-American males constitute a disproportionate share due to their overrepresentation in the child welfare and juvenile justice systems.

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