3 Things That Kanye And Kim Missed By Naming Baby North

Parents should think before they give these children the names they give them. Kanye  West and Kim Kardashian  named their child North according to People Magazine.

I am so sick of looking at the ridiculous names people pick for their kids, trying to be unique or different. Good GOD!!! People DO judge by names whether you want to believe it or not- that’s life and you can’t change it. Parents need to think of a name that when their son/daughter is a grown up and in a different generation- they won’t feel stupid going into a job interview or having it called in public.

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Kim and Kanye named their child North. N-O-R-T-H. Just think about that for a second. The child’s name is North.  All they would have to add is the word  “By” as  a middle name and you get “North By West”.

Yes, I am aware of the argument that there are just too many people with the same name. Being unique is wonderful.

We are all unique and special.

For all those mothers out there who want to name their kids Starshine, Alize, A’Brezia, Jermasgesty, Kuntrod, Shativa, Leastry and Neveah,  I say more power to you, but remember that your child will always be the odd one out.

I know that some people are going to be offended by this post. But, this is a real issue for some now-adult children with “weird” names. Most parents naming their children are picking the name they want the baby to have, right? But the child’s feelings is sometimes missed in this equation. The child will have to live with the name. They will have to explain, correct misspellings, and find new and interesting ways to combat the teasing.

Growing up is tough and as we all know kids are cruel, they will find something to tease one another about. But as a parent, maybe our first step is to avoid adding fuel to the fire-let alone stacking the pit with wood. Just food for thought.

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